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There are a few things you should consider seriously, before you take the plunge yourself.

1.64-bit Architecture – If you haven’t already heard that SharePoint 2010 is a 64-bit platform (only) you must have been living in on an island the last 12 months. If you have been indeed living in on an island, then you probably need to be re-acclimated into the world and need a cell phone, TV service, or even Internet access. I know someone who can hook you up.

2.Upgrading Clients – No more IE 6. It’s done. While it is recommended you upgrade your Office client to 2010, it is not a requirement. SharePoint 2010 will still work with Office 2003. If you are on a previous version of office – it’s time to upgrade anyway, like 7+ years on the same technology, seriously.

3.Upgrading to SharePoint 2007 SP 2. You need to upgrade your current 2007 environment on all farm members. This upgrade is the SP2 released after July 2009.

4.Run the PreUpgradeCheck Tool. Yes it seems obvious, but stsadm -o preupgradecheck will verify the prerequisites are installed, will examine customizations in your 2007 environment, and provide steps to perform to ensure a successful upgrade.

5.Re-architect. A migration is an opportunity to step back from your previous, sometimes organically grown, environment, and ask yourself “Is this really how we want to live in New SharePoint world?”. Take the opportunity, give yourself just a little more time, and create a truly magical environment.

…. Good luck, Let me know how it goes.. migration of sharepoint is a part of my job.