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Text from msdn blog on what are the major changes going to come in SharePoint 2010 SP1 Schedule to be released in June 2011
We are thrilled to announce the availability of Service Pack 1 (SP1) for our 2010 family of products.
The SP1 release is important because it provides us with an opportunity to address customer feedback as well as the security, stability and performance of our 2010 wave of products. The release underscores our commitment to improving the quality of our software over time. We are grateful to those customers and partners who have taken time to provide us the feedback that makes our products and services better.
SP1 contains all Cumulative Updates and Public Updates for 2010 that have already shipped. SP1 also contains new fixes for areas of each product.

Download Links for 2010 Service Pack 1

Access 2010 Runtime SP1 2460015 32-bit 64-bit
Access Database Engine 2010 SP1 2460011 32-bt 64-bit
FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint SP1 2460039   64-bit
Groove Server 2010 SP1 2460067   64-bit
Office 2010 Filter Pack SP1 2460041 32-bit 64-bit
Office 2010 Language Pack SP1 2460043 32-bit 64-bit
Office 2010 SP1 2460049 32-bit 64-bit
Office Language Interface Pack 2010 SP1 2460044 32-bit 64-bit
Office Proofing Tools 2010 SP1 2460053 32-bit 64-bit
Office Web Apps 2010 SP1 2460073   64-bit
PowerPoint Viewer SP1 2460050 32-bit  
Project 2010 SP1 2460052 32-bit 64-bit
Project Server 2010 SP1 2460047   64-bit
Search Server 2010 SP1 2460070   64-bit
Server Language Pack SP1 2460056   64-bit
SharePoint 2010 Indexing Connector for Documentum SP1 2460054   64-bit
SharePoint Designer 2010 SP1 2460057 32-bit 64-bit
SharePoint Foundation 2010 Client Object Model Redistributable SP1 2508825 32-bit 64-bit
SharePoint Foundation 2010 Language Pack SP1 2460059   64-bit
SharePoint Foundation 2010 SP1 2460058   64-bit
SharePoint Server 2010 SP1 2460045   64-bit
Visio 2010 SP1 2460061 32-bit 64-bit
Visio Viewer 2010 SP1 2460065 32-bit 64-bit