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Sharepoint 2010 – I had this ongoing serious issue for almost 10 months, searched every sharepoint blog on the internet, most resolution i found was delete the search svc and add new one. that did not help, I have tried everything possible to get this fixed from tcpip trace, chimney trace, database authentication, database connection….endless alternates. finally figured it out

Error: The search service is not able to connect to the machine that hosts the administration component. Verify that the administration component ‘GUID’ in search application ‘Search Service Application’ is in a good state and try again.

Unable to Configure SSA

Cause: Found out that our search admin timer job was disabled

Below is the resolution, it might come in handy for all Sharepointer’s, if you all end up in the same situation

We enabled the timer job and restarted IIS and the SSA provisioned successfully.

Run below PS command to know the status, below was my scenario

Get-SPTimerJob job-application-server-admin-service | fl

Result ==> IsDisabled: True

Ran below PS command to enable the service. stop and start the timer and iis reset voila.. SSA was happy

Enable-SPTimerJob job-application-server-admin-service

Result ==> IsDisabled: False

Net Stop sptimerv4

Net start sptimerv4


Then wait 1-2 min and try browsing to the SSA again. voila!!! No error


Alternative option to fix the issue, Which I encountered and resolved the same

This error occurs as Search Service does make a use of SQL Native client while trying to connect to databases.

Check if the SQL Server Native client 10.0 is listed there or not, Make sure that you have the Sql Server 2008 Native client installed for Sharepoint 2010

Below is the direct download link – Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Native Client: