Shorten SharePoint URLs – recommended practice
URLs have a limit of 256 characters. Folder and File names build the URL, so long names can result in problems.

Best practices I have followed:

-> Keep Folder and File names short, instead put longer descriptions in the ‘Title’ field (which do not build the URLs). Shorten Folder names using Datasheet View of the Folders in IE browser. Shorten File names using ‘Edit Properties’ of the file.

-> Do not use spaces in any Folder or File name (these appear as an ugly ‘%20’ in the URL).

-> Use ‘-‘ and ‘_’ for separators in the folder and file names. Do not use illegal web characters like ‘.’, ‘/’, ‘&’, etc.

-> Build no more than 3 levels of Folders.

-> Reference the short version of the URL when sending to others to use (instructions below).

My 2 cents either while setting up a brand new site, please tell your Sharepoint architect to set up the term store so that you can avoid using folders

Shorten SharePoint URLs for Folders

If you use Folders inside a SharePoint document library, you will end up with long URLs.

If you have a long SharePoint URL, you might encounter problems opening the file, pasting it as a hyperlink, etc.

‘The URLs in a SharePoint list or library have a 255 character limit. It means that, if you paste a URL that is longer than 255 characters into the URL field in a SharePoint list or library, the URL will be truncated and may not work correctly. This is true regardless or not if the URL points to a SharePoint site or another site on anywhere’

Temporary solution:

To shorten URL as shown in sample below

-> Go to the document library and navigate to the location/folder you want

-> Go to open with ‘Explorer View’ in Ribbon

-> Put your cursor up at the ‘location’ box on the top of the ‘Explorer View’ window, the location will change to a location string as shown here –

This is a much shorter URL that you can copy and send via e-mail. URL will always get you back to this folder within the document library.

Shorten SharePoint URLs for Files

One easy way to get a short URL for files is on the dropdown menu which appears when you mouse over the filename, select
-> Send To
-> E-mail a Link